How Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Marketing is an art through which a company promotes its products or services to target customers in order to increase sales.

It is for sure not a piece of cake since customers are as hard to satisfy as finding ways out of a maze with your eyes folded!

The work is even more challenging when the digital world changes every split second, and it is a must for marketers to stay on top of that, following what is trending to captivate the audiences’ attention.

2016 witnessed a stellar surge in the popularity of video marketing, which is now titled “The future of content marketing”.

There are hundreds of reasons for the dominance of video in marketing sector, few of which I will list down below

Video Marketing Is Attractive And On-Point

First and foremost, audiences’ attention span is short in contrary to the getting-longer-everyday list of marketing contents displayed all over the internet.

How many times have you skipped a written post regardless of its subject?

The exact same times you probably lose your customers when they do the same with your website.

Therefore, something interactive and visual stands a higher chance of grabbing potential clients’ attention than text-based marketing method.

That “something” I am talking about is nothing other than video.

According to some trusted sources.

Internet users spend 70 percent of their surfing time on watching videos, thus, you are missing out on a golden opportunity if you still have not planned on a video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Delivers Better Messages

Furthermore, video serves as an excellent tool in delivering a brand message.

Even though other methods can also achieve this purpose, the result each method yields is totally different.

Contents that approach customers through both vision and audition, videos to be more specific, stay in their mind a longer time than those touching on just one sense, either vision or audition such as written materials or songs.

It is beyond doubt that video is doing a good job in enhancing a brand identity and spreading marketing messages.

By creating an eye catching, fascinating and easily accessible video content, a company can ensure a sustainable online subscription and maintain its customer recall.

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Thanks to their marketing videos, some companies become the only ones in their fields that are remembered by the public.

It is such a dream comes true for every marketer to see contents that he/she creates take off and land on far far away destinies as well as earn an astronomic number of views.

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Video proves to be a great choice assisting marketers in pursuing this dream as it possesses the sharable feature.

Approximately 90% of people who watch videos share them with other people.

This is an enormous portion, which is much higher than the share rate of many other kinds of content combined.

It is also discovered that the click-through rate increases drastically by 200 percent to 300 percent if video is included, this explains why heavily text-based contents are giving way to video marketing.

Video is also recognized to be more likely to go viral than any other marketing contents, which widens the range of audiences reached.

Video Marketing Offers Lower Bounce Rate

Besides, several studies on search engines which have been conducted recently have announced the finding revealing that people have a strong preference for video results and that videos occupy them in a site for a longer period of time.

One tip to help boost your video’s presence on some searching pages is to predict how someone would search for information and match your video’s title as close to that as possible.

Moreover, another study carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau at the same time pointed out that two thirds of 300 brand marketers surveyed are switching their budgets from television area to online video.

These brands aim at taking advantage of some established platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,Vine, etc… to serve their purpose of promoting brand identity by placing videos there.

Apart from several big corporations, entrepreneurs or startup companies with low budget also see established platforms as a prosperous land to build their business, thanks to their low cost expense compared to that of running advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines or radio channels.

Video Marketing Is The Hottest Trend

Last but not least, video marketing is on the rise.

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It is a positive trend that is going to catch on even more strongly than ever before, with the support of social media based platforms and dramatically growing number of users, many of whom can be your target customers.

Buyers want to assume that they make a good choice purchasing particular goods or services and video marketing is capable of providing them with this feeling.

Video is an amazing instrument which it cut out for creating emotional driven sales – and maximizing sales is the objective of a majority of companies as well as corporations.

They do not mind investing a great deal of money on producing video contents because they are well aware of the revenue those contents can generate if the campaign is successful.

That is why the soaring growth of video marketing is hardly a matter of dispute.

Upon recognizing the profitability video marketing can yield, millions of companies exaggeratedly invest and focus on creating them.

Then a question arises, that is, among all these videos, how to make yours stand out?

How To Make Your Videos Special?

Audiences are not to be messed with, technology effects or picturesque tricks cannot deflect them from concentrating on the main meaning the video brings.

They can differentiate between which is made with genuine endeavor and which is just a bait to lure them into purchasing things they do not really need.

Therefore, marketers need to have a mindset of a storyteller.

Unlike photos, text-based message or graphics, videos come to live with the combination of vision, sound and dialogs that give soul to the stories told.

Only with true emotions from one’s heart can it move another heart, which in turn creates what is called “emotional sales”.

This does not only help promote sales but also leaves a deep impression on customers and if you are lucky enough, they will come back to you in the future.

Conclusion About Video Marketing

All things listed above are just some small aspects explaining for the dominance of video marketing.

Even though there will be various trends created in this fast-paced marketing world, the benefits video marketing bring undoubtedly secures its spot as “The future of marketing”.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Please comment below, we will discuss together.

Have a nice day!


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