How To Make Video Go Viral? These Rules Are The Key

Recently, I received a message from one of my SEO clients about their marketing plan to make video go viral to promote their product.

It took me just 10 minutes to realize that the company’s idea of that video were so mainstream that stayed far from the good start for making a viral video.

According to all ideas and features that the client’s representative told me for almost 1 hour, it was like they just want to create a promotional video.

The misunderstanding between a viral video and a promotional video is not too surprising.

Every company likes the idea that their brand will reach millions of people with the “viral promotional video”.

But one thing they don’t know is that viral videos have no exact recipe to create.

If that recipe exists, the market will soon be dominated with thousands of rick jerks.

In my opinion, the failure of all attempts to make video go viral can be analyzed and divided into 4 main parts.

The Video Must Evokes Emotion

This is the most important factor to make a video go viral and it would be the first lesson to be taught in any viral video making training courses.

I bet that we, or at least people with social media network accounts, have all seen a viral video in our lives.

Now, I want you to give yourself a few minutes to think about that videos and the elements that make it.

What was the content of it?

Why did people share it?

With this question, the first answer I expect is that it’s a funny or emotional video.

For example, we could analyze the video Gangnam Style.

The factor making this video’s success is the hilarious dance moves of Psy.

Other reasons to share a video is about its content – might be awesome visual, controversial, sad, or educational.

All of those reasons evoke one of various emotion types and this is the first step to get it going viral.

Imagine that you hear a funny story or a joke from your friend, you will possibly pass that story or joke on to other friends of yours and the stream continues to flow.

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Everyone wants their friends to have good laugh.

This is the exact matter of successful viral videos as it connects to the emotions inside the viewers’ mind.

Including Your Brand’s Image But Not Too Promotional

If you successfully make video go viral, it will be a big time for your brand to reach many viewers, and this chance is precious especially for startups.

It’s the reason why your video must portray the personality of your brand without selling too hard.

In my opinion, the vest viral video has to be informative and highlighting the business unique selling points.

If it’s hilarious, that might be a plus.

There’s even viral videos appealing the target market of the promoted brand with their non-sense image and explain it in a clever way.

A Careful-Made Marketing Plan Is Needed

You cannot afford to take the risk of leaving the chance to make video go viral for just luck, even though there’re some cases like that.

A video endorsed or produced by a company is also harder to spread in contrast with something purely entertaining with no promotional purposes.

An example of true purely viral videos is the well-known Keyboard Cat or Hamster on a Piano.

As I said before, many companies are throwing their money in videos and hoping for the best results.

But they don’t understand that the chance for success is not 100%.

Your videos must be great for sure, but a detailed marketing plan is another critical factor.

Now, the advantage will belong to many well-established brands while other smaller companies don’t have that much social media following.

Coca-Cola, for example, owns a Facebook fanpage with 55 million followers, so any videos of their will go viral pretty fast.

The reason behind a well-planned marketing strategy is that you need someone to put the first step on sharing the video.

If you want to spread a rumor, you need to tell someone in the first place and let them do their job of spreading.

If you never tell anyone about the story.

How can others know about it?

Likewise, it’s would be much faster if you tell saying 50 people about the story and let it spreads 50 times more quickly.

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In contrast, even with a superb marketing plan made by experts, you cannot hold the viewers if your video is not attractive.

There will be the maximum point that people stop sharing the video, and you want to hold that moment to not happen too soon.

Then you should read the article from Fast Company to get the concept of three tiers to make video go viral.

Other Marketing And Branding Strategies Must Be Ready

Last but not least, the final result is the only reason a company is commissioning a video.

It make no sense forking out of a giant budget for producing videos while all other operational and marketing efforts are in the middle of nowhere.

For example, you can get your videos viewed by millions of people but when they get to your website to find more information.

The only thing that domain hold is a cheap and obsolete website without any online ordering function.

That, my friend, is wasting tons of profit and revenue!

So make sure you have other marketing plans on point so when the time comes, you can boost the effectiveness of your videos and maximize your ROI.

Your sales funnel start from the video, so if it’s not backed with all other marketing plans, you will lose millions of potential buyers.

The 4 factors above are the biggest among all elements to successful make video go viral.

I hope you can rely on them and adjust your plan to make any viral video in the future or at least understand the real ingredients behind them.

I will soon post more articles to share with you about video marketing.

If have any better ideas.

Don’t hesitate comment below.

Good day!

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