Quickly Graphitii Review: 2017’s Best Cinemagraph Maker!

Hey there, welcome to my Graphitii Review.

Graphitii is a brand new product which is burning the crowd in the last few days.

There are a lot of reviews on this product, both positive and negative ones.

Dozens of those reviews are making you confused and you don’t know which one to believe in?

Well, today I’m going to show you the most comprehensive collection of this product, so you will understand deeply about it.

Have you seen an attractive Cinemagraph?

I bet you have at least seen it once or twice since some of the most famous brands in the world are using it in some of their marketing campaigns.

Basically, a cinemagraph is a graphic asset with a static image containing a moving element with an endless loop.

This new type of advertising is rising as a new star in the marketing industry as it is unique and fresh.

Your customers will be mentally forced to watch the advertisement even longer than their intention.

The Cinemagraph is something special which will take over the throne of short-form videos – last year’s marketing buzzword.

This will be an extremely new marketing tool to get your brand and products widely popular.

And today, I’m glad to present Graphitii – a brand new software to create stunning cinemagraphs created by Joey Xoto and his talented team.

Graphitii Review - A New Brand Software

Cinemagraph is hot trend in this 2017. Graphitii make it easier than ever.

If you are already interested in this product and want to know if it is worth your money, let’s take a look at my Graphitii review and I will tell you everything you need to know about this phenomenal product.

Graphitii Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Joey Xoto team
  • Niche: Graphic Software
  • Discount Price: $47
  • Launch Date: 14 Mar 2017 at 11:00 AM EST
  • Official website: Click here
  • Recommended: Strongly recommended

Well, that are just a few brief information about this Graphitii software.

The next thing I want to tell you is that there is actually a rare discount price that Joey offers you for this Graphitii product.

This price is going to be closed really soon.

So if you want to secure your slot before others take it all, push the button right below to get to the official page and see what Joey has for you.

The next parts are my Graphitii review and evaluation of what this software has and what it can really do.

Read on and find yourself the truth about this product.

What’s Exactly Is Graphitii?

Now you know about cinemagraphs through my Graphitii review, you can guess the function of this software.

Yes, this is the newest software to generate fresh and unique cinemagraph content right from your videos and images.

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It is 100% cloud-based with the lightning-fast working process.

Its cinemagraph is attractive and engaging.

The editor’s dashboard interface is clean and friendly.

You cannot ask for more for a great marketing tool.

Graphitii Software

Create beautiful, dynamic cinemagraphs with just a few simple clicks

As cinemagraph is becoming a new hot trend in this 2017, you will take huge advantages if you catch up with this chance and go beyond your competitors while they are still struggling with making a fairly good marketing video.

Great Features Of Graphitii

Stunning Cinemagraph Maker

The first thing to mention in this Graphitii review is its main function: creating cinemagraphs.

Unlike other cinemagraph software and services, this software has a very simple and clean interface that even a new user can master Graphitii within only 5 minutes.

And we have to talk about the output cinemagraphs.

They are gorgeous and beautiful, making it very easy to keep your visitors looking at every inch of it.

What does that mean?

Lower bounce rate, higher engagement, increased brand recognition, better conversion rates, and more sales!

100% Cloud-based Online System

Now for a Graphitii review, next thing to look at is its system.

The back-end system of Graphitii is 100% online, giving you the unlimited library and the flexibility in work.

You can edit and create your cinemagraph projects no matter where you are.

You only need a smart device and a stable Internet connection to sync and continue your unfinished work anywhere.

Integration With Any Smart Devices

The next great thing of Graphitii is that you can sync and use it on any smart devices.

Who does not have a smartphone or a personal computer today?

With this integration, you can finish the work you were doing on your computer with only some taps on your smartphone!

Graphitii Software Works On Any Devices

Working on any devices

How Does Graphitii Work?

So this part of my Graphitii review will briefly show you the process that Graphitii works on to generate beautiful cinemagraphs for you.

You only have to follow these steps to create a stunning look for your unique cinemagraph:

  1. Log into your Graphitii account
  2. Upload your ingredient videos
  3. Crop the raw video’s length to fit your need
  4. Choose the thumbnail for your cinemagraph
  5. Highlight the area you want to keep it moving, while the rest stay static
  6. Submit and generate your output product as a cinemagraph

Watch the demo video below if you want to have a closer look:

Graphitii Review: Pros And Cons

  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Support



  • Beautiful and clean user’s interface design
  • Smooth cloud-based system
  • Great and useful features
  • Amazing flexibility for works and sync options
  • Good customer support and responses

To be frank, I can’t see any drawbacks for this Graphitii software.


Who Should Use Graphitii?

This Graphitii software is perfect for online marketers and social media experts who want to break the old rules of social media marketing using a brand new and trendy tool.

This software can help anyone who wants to create stunning ads to serve marketing or branding campaigns.

As I have said in the first part of my Graphitii review, this type of ads will bring your marketing project much more engagement, interactions, conversions, and sales from customers.

That’s is the ultimate reason why I highly recommend this product.

Graphitii Price And Final Verdict

Right now, Joey Xoto’s team is offering a discount price for their Graphitii in a dime sales starting at the lowest price of only $47.

As it is a dime sale, the price will be increased after each sold copy.

And in 5 days after the launch, the price will get back to Graphitii real value of $67.

So save your hard-earned $20 and grab this chance now if you already are interested in this software.

Click the button right below to get to the official page and earn this discount price!

So that’s all I have to tell in my Graphitii review.

If you get into any troubles purchasing the Graphitii software, contact me through my Contact page and I will get to you through email for the best solution.

Thank you for reading!



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How to grab these bonuses?

  • Order Graphitii software through my site (clear cookies before).
  • After you complete the order, send [Receipt ID] to me through simon@redfiremountain.com or Contact Page.
  • Choose which bonuses you want, you will receive it within 24 hours.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Please comment below, we will discuss together.

Have a nice day!

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