10 Best Benefits Of Social Media Marketing You Must Know

If you are one of those who constantly update on any trends happening in the world, you probably have heard of the term “Social Media Marketing“.

Yes, it is the next big thing entitled a game changer by purpose oriented entrepreneurs and marketers.

Online networks play an indispensable part in every marketing strategy, with a great proportion of 80 percent of marketers claiming that their website traffic increases immensely thanks to this new fad.

What is up-to-the-minute often stirs up controversy and social media marketing is no exception.

Actually, it is even labeled as useless and unprofitable by some who have no clues at all about its lucrativeness.

This phenomenon indicates a lack of insights on how huge the potential of social media marking is as a tool to increase sales and how to obtain that result.

Therefore, this article is written in order to clear your confusion by listing just ten of many advantages social media marketing brings about:

Reinforce Brand Recognition

Cherish every single chance you have to promote your content and boost your brand’s discernibility since each click from someone who happens to run across your online site may bring you a fortune.

Designing an appropriate social media strategy will earn your brand widespread recognition as it does not only make you easily approachable for new clients but also distinguishable and familiar for the existing ones.

Constantly appearing on various networks is also a way to implant your brand name into customers’ mind, which can be viewed as a favorable outcome of marketing.

91% of marketers surveyed claimed to have their exposure increased tremendously by applying social media method.

It is beyond doubt that creating an online page can gain your business a wide range of audience.

Win Brand Loyalty

It is obvious to see that possessing high loyalty from customers is a burning desire of almost all business, and engaging with customers on a regular basis to establish a strong bond with them is a key element.

One of the most effective ways to do so is communicating via social media platforms.

Texas Tech University has recently published a report indicating that brands who own social media channels have a higher rate of customer’s loyalty than those who do not.

One conclusion drawn from the report states that open and clever social media plans can prove to have a great impact on encouraging buyers to be more brand loyal.

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According to another study carried out by Convince & Convert, the percentage of Americans who are loyal to brands after subscribing to their channels on social networks is approximately 55.

Build Up Trust

In a world where there are millions of identical goods and services provided by different brands, deciding on which brand to choose can become a tiring task.

That is when social networks come to the rescue as they enable people to seek for advice and review from those with personal experiences.

Therefore, brands holding positive reviews and reactions gain more trust, which can higher the chance of being chosen.

Increase Conversion Rates

Posting your marketing content to social platforms boost your brand’s visibility which subsequently raises conversion rates.

One factor of social media marketing that significantly improves conversion rates is humanization.

Social media makes it possible for brands to act like people through some activities like commenting, sharing contents and updating statuses, etc…

And that is more appealing to customers since they prefer to do business with individuals rather than companies.

Gain Greater Customer Satisfaction

Social media was originally invented to serve as a communicating tool. It is now a source that customers turn to when it comes to giving feedback on goods and services of a company.

Companies can also take advantage of this to publicly polish their reputation while dealing with complaints or compliments in a sophisticating manner.

You can enrich customers experiences by politely apologize and offer help when your customers encounter any difficulties with your products as well as thank them and suggest additional goods if they already have an enjoyable time utilizing your goods or services (One thing you should always bear in mind is that: do it IN PUBLIC).

Customers whom you directly deal with will develop a feeling of being appreciated and possibly return to you in the future.

Improve Brand Authority

Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with brand authority. A satisfied customer can spread the word to hundreds of people just by posting a status recalling the experience and leaving good comments about your company on social media platforms.

This is one of the most effective ways to gain new audiences and if any of them are interested, they will subscribe to your online channels.

It is such a big gain since the more you get people talk about you on social media, the higher your brand authority becomes.

Another sufficient way in increasing brand authority is to interact with influencers on social networks in order to generate more curious customers.

Increase Inbound Traffic

Online networks bring your brand surpass any boundaries, without which your inbound traffic is only accessible to those who are either already accustomed to you or search for keywords related to your company and discover you by accident.

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Each social media account created opens another door welcoming new customers.

The more doors you add to your marketing mix, the more reachable you are to new visitors.

Once you get more people visit your sites, syndicate as many captivating contents as possible to generate even more inbound traffic, which in turns creates more conversions.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s time you came to terms with the fact that people have a tendency to stop right at the first result page when searching for something because the answers they need usually lie there.

That explains the need to increase your brand’s ranking in online search engines.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines consider social media presence as a major factor in calculating their rankings, therefore, being active online gives search engines the signal that your brand is trustworthy and credible.

Lower Marketing Expenses

Compared to other marketing methods, social media marketing is probably the most cost-efficient.

Establish new social media profile is free in most cases and even the paid advertisements you run on Facebook or Twitter is relatively cheap in comparison with other marketing tactics.

More than that, social media marketing proves to be a great time saver with 84% of marketers observe increased traffic after investing as little as six hours per week.

Gain Customer Insights

Thanks to social media, you are now able to obtain valuable information on the interest, opinion of target clients.

You can get to how your customers think and behave, what they would like to know before purchasing goods and services, thus implement suitable marketing strategies.

In a nutshell, when life is constantly changing, you are definitely defeated if you refuse to innovate yourself.

Social media marketing is the one thing you need to adopt if you still have the burning desire to make your business succeed yet have not decided on which methods to apply.

There is no reason to postpone incorporating social networks into your marketing strategy.

Even when you have not optimized full potential of social media marketing, you lose nothing since it is all free!

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Please comment below, we will discuss together.

Have a nice day!

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